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CrabLyrics - Songs Lyrics PHP Script Free Download

CrabLyrics - Songs Lyrics PHP Script Free Download 
CrabLyrics is a script that allows you to create your own lyrics website in minutes without any need of knowing the basic programming. CrabLyrics script is written in PHP/mysql and it offers complete access to the source code. CrabLyrics PHP script supports PHP 5.3+. CrabLyrics is made search engine friendly, easy to manage and fully loaded with features. In CrabLyrics script, Admin has the complete control to manage every activity of the website, including approving/disapproving user submissions, managing lyrics categories, managing within website search activities, site stats and lots of other features.

A) Site Features

  1. Popular Lyrics.
  2. Random Lyrics.
  3. Search Lyrics.
  4. Rate Lyrics.
  5. Like Dislike Lyrics.
  6. Latest Lyrics.
  7. Add Lyrics to Favorites.
  8. Add Unlimited Lyrics.
  9. Add Unlimited Genres.
  10. User Profile.
  11. User’s Favorite Lyrics.
  12. User’s Rated Lyrics.
  13. Users can submit Lyrics from frontend.
  14. User Management – Login/Register/Forgot Password.
  15. Top 10 Lyrics
  16. Print Lyrics.
  17. Facebook Login Enabled
  18. Admin will approve the submissions of Lyrics by Users.
  19. Awesome Robust Backend.
  20. Fontawesome Icons.
  21. Google WebFonts.
  22. RSS feed Integrated.
  23. HTML Sitemap.
  24. Google Webmasters XML Sitemap.
  25. SEO Friendly URLs.
  26. Responsive Design.
  27. Twitter Bootstrap framework.
  28. Language Files.

A) Admin Features

  1. Complete CRUD Management System
  2. Manage Lyrics
  3. Manage Artists
  4. Manage Albums
  5. Manage Pages.
  6. Ad Zones Management.
  7. Like/Dislike style changer. (1-6)
  8. Enable/Disable Comment Systems: Facebook, Disqus , System or None
  9. Language Management
  10. Select Whether Users can Vote or Rate
  11. Change the Website Styles, lots of Styles Integrated from Bootswatch
  12. Customize the Colors, Design, background images as you like.
  13. Manage SEO Settings, Site Title, Description, Keywords, Google Analytics Code, Google Webmasters, Bing Webmasters Code.
  14. Change the Number of the Data to be shown on the Pages like, No. of Albums to be shown per page, Artists to be shown per page.
  15. Manage Facebook Settings
  16. Social Settings
  17. Mail Settings
  18. ReCaptcha Settings
  19. Table Management, Select fields whcih you want to see on the Tables
  20. URL Alias Management, Change the Module Names on the Run
  21. Fields Management System, Want to add more DB fields? and customize accordingly, its so Easy!

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