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Magic LightBox - jQuery Plugin Free Download

This magic jQuery Plugin is for everyone who wants to create something beautiful and unforgetable

General Features

  • 68 animated effects
  • Animated effects with custom background-image css property and custom slogan
  • Respomsive
  • Browsers support: IE8+, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera
  • Mobile Devices support: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows
  • 3 modes: “Image Viewer”, “AJAX Content”, “HTML Content”
  • Highly Customizable: tons of properties for every mode
  • Native browser history support
  • Different Views
  • SEO
  • Navigation inside the lightBox panel
  • Powerful API: public methods, events, custom events, callbacks
  • Extended HTML documentation and examples with comments

Image Viewer Mode Features

  • 3 modes: single image, gallery, slideshow
  • Photos of all sizes and orientation
  • Two layer effect support
  • Native browser fullscreen support
  • Top and bottom captions and menus
  • Font icons for interface buttons
  • Keyboard support
  • Touch support
  • Mouse support
  • Directional effects

AJAX Content Mode Features

  • Sorted tables and tabs
  • POST and GET ajax requests

HTML Content Mode Features

  • Forms, iframes, embedded elements, javascript generated content…

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