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Mega Locator Theme - Super Store Finder Free Download

This is an overview of the all-new Mega Locator Theme add-on which will require Super Store Finder. You can view the live demo of this theme here
This theme is suitable when you have many outlets world-wide and would like to showcase them to your customers. In addition, this theme is tailor-made to be user friendly with smartphones, tablets and touch screen devices.

   Main Features
A lot of new features have been added in this theme as below:
  • Responsive Design and tailor-made for Smartphones, Tablets and Touch screens users
  • Supports Full Width Google Maps display
  • Built-in Exact Geo Location
  • Built-in Exact Geo Location
  • Well-designed Store Filter with Collapseable Panel
  • Total stores counter
  • View all stores world-wide
  • Labeled map markers
  • Angular JS information window
  • Customizable styles and colors via administrator
  • View Stores by Region

Features Highlight

Built-in Exact Geo Location
Mega Locator Theme is Built-in with exact Geo Location which allows your customers to route and get to your store outlets the easiest way.
Full-width Store Locator
Mega Locator Theme supports full-width display as well as works wonderfully on mobile devices and smartphones.
Google Street View
Enjoy viewing street view in huge scale screen size. Zoom, pan and navigate through the panoramic view of your favorite outlets world-wide
Search stores by Region
You can now search stores by region world-wide. As an administrator, you can customize point of interest which you can set for your customers to quickly know on your whereabouts.
Upload Beautiful Images
You can upload beautiful images that will be displayed on your ever engaging store locator.
Slick Collapseable Panel
Slick Collapseable panel to showcase available categories and available regions.
Angular JS info window
The new Mega Locator theme is using Angular JS info window with customizable content.
Labelled Map and Result list Markers
Markers and Results list are now marked alphabetically and numerically to ease customers spot your nearby stores.
Import and GeoCode Bulk Address List
You can import and geocode bulk address list from csv file without any hassle via the administrator. Show All Stores World Wide
Create more exposure! Mega Locator Theme allows customers to view all outlets and store branches world-wide.
Customizable Colors and Styles
Customize Colors and Styles for your store locator to suit your company and website branding / corporate branding. You can change the map color, panel colors, text colors and many more from the administrator’s panel.

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