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Point of Sale (POS) with Accounting System Free Download

Point of Sales with Accounting system. Its complete accounting system integrated with POS. You can get formal accounting report as Ledger, Trail Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Bills payable, Bills receivable, Cash book, Bank book along with sales, purchase and inventory reports. Inventory Reports has PDF export facility. All other report for PDF export support will coming soon.
This is suitable for small and medium businesses/organization specially
  1. Super-shop
  2. Restaurants
  3. Sales Management
  4. Inventory System
  5. Stock Management


  1. Simple User Interface.
  2. Add Supplier, Supplier list.
  3. Add Items, Items List.
  4. Add Customer, Customer list.
  5. Easy sales, purchase.
  6. Functional Accounting system with double entry system.
  7. Journal Entry/List.
  8. A/C head entry/List.
  9. Supplier Due Payment.
  10. Customer Due Receive.
  11. Employee information management.
  12. Settings for Basic transaction on accounting system.
  13. Manage new Company.
  14. Manage default A/C head for new company.
  15. User Management.
  16. Various Reports
    • Purchase Reports (with PDF export support)
    • Sales Reports (with PDF export support)
    • Inventory Reports (with PDF export support)
    • Ledger
    • Trail Balance
    • Blanace Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Bills Receivable
    • Bills Payable
    • Cash Book
    • Bank Book

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