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Quick Math Practice Free Download

Quick Math Practice made on Construct 2 game engine version 195+
Included all the source file and .CAPX file
Main purpose of the game is help people improve their calculate ability faster by the funny way.

How To Play

Play on Phone :
It’s simple
We have 4 level, and infinities on each,
for each level,on each time you reach 100 score, the range number will be expand,
for example : the first time the number random in [-10, 10], after 100 score, the range expand to [-20, 20]... 
The concept of the game is: you need to pressing corresponding number to kill the monster. 
you have 10 “Heart”, if one monster collision on ground you loss one “heart”. 
so, try to calculate quickly and type the result number to kill monsters as much as possible. 
Notice: If you play on Firefox, use SPACE BAR instead MINUS Key OR using MINUS on Numeric Keypad

Game Level

Level 1 – Normal: just random the number in range
Level 2 – Nightmare: random number in range with statement include Operator plus: +and minus:- 
Level 3 – Hell: random number in range with statement include Operator multiply: * and divide: / 
Level 4 – Inferno: random number in range with statement include Operator +,-,*


-Construct 2 195+
-Play on desktop and device
-Easy export to HTML5 for website
-Ready to export for Android, iOS with Cordova platform such as intel XDK, phonegap, CocoonJS – Ludei.
-AdmobAds integration
-Facebook, Twitter share score.
-Easy to change difference option for each level.
-Using Google webfont for dynamic content and Sprite font for UI

Demo Link  

Download Link  

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