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Sismo Navigation Free Download

Sismo Navigation is a plugin that adds more functionality to bootstrap. Sismo Navigation allows you to create 6 different types of navigation for web applications html5 desktop or mobile. With just changing a line of code.
Samples and Docs

Navigation types

  • Grid Navigation.
  • List Navigation
  • List 2 Navigation
  • Icon Navigation
  • Bottom Navigation
  • Off Canvas Navigation

Files Structure

  • – /assets
  • - bg.jpg
  • – /docs
  • - references.pdf
  • - tutorials.pdf
  • – /js
  • - sismo.js
  • – /resources
  • - bootstrap
  • - font-awesome
  • - jquery
  • – /style
  • - sismo.navigation.css
  • – index.html


This navigation can be integrated into any HTML or PHP page.
BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP It is important to keep a fresh copy of the files in this plugin, like your website to try to change.
Unzip the files, be sure to check it’s contents against the above file list

Getting Started

 In the header of your website be sure to include, CSS Style and Javascript files. Copy the code below between your  <head> and </head>  tags  either in your ‘header’ file or the top of the document.

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