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SlickPHP Starter Kit Free Download

SlickPHP is a pluggable PHP development platform for creating web applications. It provides a solid starting point for both professionals and newcomers to the industry. SlickPHP has been designed to be fast and reactive for the user. Database queries that are run are kept very simple and consistent and we’ve made every effort to keep the number of queries needed to generate each page at an absolute minimum. It uses the F3 as its base, allowing it to have a simple but powerful feature set without compromising performance. Every template file is compiled at run time, and only needs to be recompiled when the code is changed. SlickPHP also includes internal caching that prevents slow duplicate database queries from being used, such as table schema lookups, which greatly increases performance on large pages with lots of data.
SlickPHP provides developers a highly customizable and easily extensible application no matter what the requirement is.


  • Demo URL –
  • General user login – demo , 123456)
  • Admin demo –
  • Admin login – (admin , 123456)

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