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Sound Recording to Cloud Free Download

Are you are journalist that needs to record an interview and easily send it over mail? Maybe, you are a spy who needs to record conversation and save on your server? Or you just want to record your friend and send him a link with the recording to prank on him? Whatever is the case, this application is for you. With this app, you can record a sound and easily send it by mail or upload to your server and share the public link.
With this application you can record a sound. The sound can be recorded in different formats and compressions. After the recording is stopped, the duration of the sound is shown and if the location services are enabled the location where the sound is recorded is shown. After that, you can play the sound or send the sound. The sound can be played, paused, stopped, and rewind and fast forward for 3 seconds. When the sound is ready for sharing, it can be sent through mail or upload on server(where the scripts are uploaded). There is validation for the mail format and it is also required to input mail and sound name for uploading on server. After the sound is uploaded the link from the sound on server is shown so it can be shared. If the user choose to send the sound by mail, the sound will be attached as attachment and there will be predefined text set by the application.

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