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WinPrize - Collect Points & Get Prizes Free Download

WinPrize is a browser based game that is developed with the latest web technologies. WinPrize is multifunctional script and you can create your own web browser game to your liking, because it has many options and settings by which to modify and create your desired browser game. Also one of the important features of WinPrize is that you can earn real money through the integrated paid services and advertising in the game – just invest as purchase it here and create your own game from which to make money. Through the game users collect points as friend went through their link to vote and vote for them. Thus you collect visitors to the site through advertising and additionally you can win. Another way to profit are SMS services on the site through which users gain extra points. The script is easy to edit and have a good administration panel.

Short Description

WinPrize is a website, through which you can win great prizes without getting up from your computer. Everything is so easy – register, get your link and collect points. After reach the required number of points for the selected prize, you may declare its transmission. What are you waiting? Create your account now completely free and grab a few of our unique merchandise and cash prizes!

Main Pages:

  • Home (/index) – Main Page of the site
  • Prizes (/prizes) – All uploaded prizes
  • SMS Services (/sms) – Paid user extras (Bonus Points, VIP Membership)
  • Rankings (/rankings) – List with all site users (ascending by points)
  • Awarded (/awarded) – Players, won from the site
  • Contacts (/contact) – Secured Contact Form

Secondary Pages:

  • Login (/login) – Sign in with recover password option
  • Register (/register) – Sign up (Create new account)
  • CP (/cp) – User control panel (Links, Profile, Settings…)
  • User (/u:user) – View user profile and vote (1 vote from IP per 24 hours)
  • PM (/pm) – Private messages inbox (+ Read PM, Send PM)
  • Rules (/rules) – Website rules
  • Terms (/terms) – Terms of use
  • Partners (/partners) – Partners page
  • About (/about) – Information about the game


  • Advanced Login/Register System with Recover Password Option
  • Professional Voting Script: Vote for you and another users by link (24 Hours)
  • Referral System with VIP Membership
  • Responsive, simple, adaptive and easy editable theme
  • Prefect designed administration panel with many features

Administrator Features:

  • Edit Website
  • Add/Edit Prizes
  • Search & Manage Users – Edit/Delete/Block
  • Manage Requested Prizes
  • Website Error LOG

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