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Simple Kids Puzzle - Relations Free Download

Simple Kids Puzzle - Relations Free Download 
This is a puzzle game about animals. In this game, you have 4 images in each puzzle and 4 empty spaces in front of them. There are 4 images at the bottom side of the screen and you have to place them in empty spaces. There is a relation between the each given image and the one that you have to put in front of it and the player has to understand this relation and put the images in correct order. These relations can be many different things, like animals and their foods, their inhabitant, the product that we produce from each of them and etc. There also forward and backward buttons and you can use them to skip a puzzle or play a previous one again. Because of the nature of this game and its cute and funny images, it can be very interesting and educational for kids. 

How to Play:

You can play this game with mouse or touch in mobile devices. 


» HTML5 game 
» Works on all HTML5 browsers
» Appearance is customizable (not codes).
» Supports touch 
» Can be used in mobile devices & websites 
» Made with Construct 2 
» Construct 2 project file is included 
» Auto-resize (responsive) 

Demo Link  

Download Link

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