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CSV Importer Free Download

CSV Importer Free Download 
This CSV Import plugin is one of the useful utility for most of website be it be programmed with core php, Wordpress , Buddy-Press or B2B or B2C , who wants to bulk import the data from CSV to my-sql database.We have coded with plugin from scratch using core Php and Bootstrap components and is been tested for all kinds of CSV files .
How is this components better then any other components available in market :
A small story : Few months back we have came across a requirement where we have to import CSV to mysql database with a challange that there is no guarantee that CSV columns order will match with the existing database columns orders , Googling further we found no solution , no components which can match this requirement , few components available so far on website needs order of CSV columns same as order of columns in database , and then we decided to code this CSV importer where any non-technical user can import any type of CSV in 4 Easy steps and also with an option to drag and drop and re-arrange the columns to match with database columns.
It not only ends up here , there is a unique feature provided where you can preview entire data before importing and if all is good in the preview then only it exports this CSV data to Database with almost 100% Precision .
Some of the key features :
1. Coded with core Php and Bootstrap Components . 
2. Easy to Integrate with any php code , any framework , any engine , just change the columns and connection settings in config files and that’s it 
3. Easy to use as this support Drag & Drop mechanism for importing also support ANY CSV files . 4. 100% Responsive Layout Design. 
5. Unlimited Color Schemes LESS & SASS powered. 
6. Shipped with many Cool Themes.

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