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jqListbox - The Listbox that Works as you Want Free Download

jqListbox - The Listbox that Works as you Want Free Download 
A jQuery plugin to create a listbox that works as you want.
With this jQuery plugin you can create a listbox which can contain an array of almost any kind of item: string, Number, Object, etc. You can define your own render and encoder functions. Insert, multi insert, update, multi update, move up and down is supported out of the box – and much more!
Customize your listbox logic with the provided onBefore* and onAfter* callbacks. Checkout the live preview for some examples!
Typically you want to store Objects and convert these object to a JSON string. In your backend application you can decode this string – or just save it as is. jqListbox fully supports this method!
Detailed user manual (documentation), generated API-like JSDoc and pre-minified version of the script itself is included!
Tested with IE9+, Chrome, Firefox. Tested with jQuery 1.11.3 and 2.1.4.
Unit tested (65+ unit tests, 180 assertions, 97%+ coverage) and linted code.

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