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jsonPlotter - Complete iOS Mapping Application Free Download

jsonPlotter - Complete iOS Mapping Application Free Download 
Create your own iOS Jason fed mapping app in moments using Wordpress as your back end CMS!
Set up and run a complete mapping application in less than an hour!!
jsonPlotter is a complete iOS location mapping application that takes a json feed of points of interest/entities from a Wordpress json post feed and present these on an iOS device.
Entities are presented in the app through Map, List and Detail views. An initial type Chooser view is provided to segment the entities downloaded providing an extremely versatile setup – allowing you to present various entity/data types within the app.
Usage examples include: - A coffee shop finder app that presents coffee shops segmented by city. - An app that displays different types of restaurants within a given city.
Your imagination is your only limitation in terms of what you want to plot and how you want to segment the data. If you need to plot locations then this is the app template for you!
The whole app and detailed setup instructions are included.
Features Include: - Storyboard setup for easy editing/customization. - App Splash Pages. - Background fetch ensures that app data remains up to date. - Web connection checks to ensure a smooth user experience. - List search functionality. - SVProgressHUD displays refresh in an attractive way. - Flurry ready- simply insert your Flurry ids to track app downloads and usage.


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