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Hunu Location App Free Download

Hunu Location App Free Download 
Hunu is an that gives you ultimate social awareness. It allows you to quickly discover how close you are to your Friends and Parties without giving up privacy. 
This source code includes the following: iOS App source code Watch Kit App source code Website Design PSD Website Source Code API Code Chat Server Code
You will need to run ‘pod install’ to download the dependencies before building the app.
Other “Checking In” apps claim to provide privacy, yet they still show everyone’s locations on a boring map. With Hunu’s one-finger “zoom and twist” radial user interface, you can see your proximity to everything around you, while feeling secure that your location is never being compromised.
Ever see an old friend somewhere, such as an airport, only to realize that if you knew they were there sooner you could have grabbed a drink at the bar and caught up? Ever posted a Facebook status asking “anyone in Houston tonight?” or “I’m in Nashville on a business trip, who’s in the area!?” Hunu (Who Knew?), tries to maximize those small world moments by minimizing the times you miss out on such opportunities.
Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. However, our app uses timed location updates so as to decrease battery consumption as much as possible. Our team is constantly working on decreasing battery consumption with each new version of Hunu.
Other fun features:
- Message and “holler” friends with our lightning fast multi-media messenger. - If you feel comfortable enough to send a friend your location, our multimedia messenger has a dedicated function for that! - Let friends know what you are up to with Hunu’s status updates. - See what your friends or people in the area are talking about via our Local-Area Newsfeed. - Like and dislike the someones status by swiping right or left. - If you don’t feel like being seen, just turn on “Incognito Mode”! - Add friends from your contacts or from Facebook. - Zoom and twist – in and out – to see all your friends with just one finger… no more two finger zoom! - Refresh everyone’s locations with the master hunu logo at the top… otherwise we do it automatically in the background in an unnoticeable and power efficient manner. - Say GOOD BYE to “Checking In”. Create events and never again have to worry about invites. Your friends in your area will see your event immediately! Moreover, they will see who’s already there in real time. 

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