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City Building Starter Kit Free Download

City Building Starter Kit Free Download 
Develop mobile city-building games like Simpson’s Tapped Out. Add your own game features, menus, art. 100% source code included. No Unity Pro license needed.
Create a City Building Simulator
Supports both animated sprites and 2D buildings. Demos and source code included. 3D models are not easily supported. We recommend exporting as sprites or 2D graphics. (See documentation for details)
Source files includes examples like:
- Gold Storage Buildings
- Gold Generation Mines
- Liquid Storage Buildings
- Liquid Generation Units
- Exclusive purchases (e.g. builder houses)
Additional XML and menu samples for expanding the kit:
- Competition Menu (upgrade kit versions for full-use)
- Characters Menu (upgrade kit versions for full-use)
- Building upgrades
- Friends Menu
- Specialized buildings like Artifacts
Build a prototype within hours, not weeks
Fully customizable game kit designed to run out-of-the-box. Import assets, swap graphics, and deploy on any platform immediately. Don’t believe us? Watch us build a demo in 60s
Question: Is 329 hours of your time worth $90?
Building a mobile city builder game from scratch is no easy task. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of each time-consuming feature we did.
- Building Items Art (x11 worth 12 hrs per asset)
- Terrain Art (10 hrs)
- Isometric Camera Setup (10 hrs)
- Item XML Data (10 hrs)
- Building Construction Script (10 hrs)
- 2D Gameboard Setup/Scripts (50 hrs)
- Camera Improvements (10 hrs)
- Gestures like Drag-and-Drop (5 hrs)
- HUD Art and Scripting (30 hrs)
- Game Store Menu (10 hrs)
- In-App Purchase Menu (10 hrs)
- Currency Generation/Storage (10 hrs)
- Sound Effects (2 hrs)
- Multi-platform Bug Fixes (30 hrs)


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