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Night Runner (HTML5) Free Download

Night Runner (HTML5) Free Download 
Classic game stylized 8-bit graphics have become more popular than ever.What’s the secret? Firstly it is nostalgia for those who grew
up in that time. Secondly a great opportunity to play the classics on their mobile. Night runner game runner stylized 8-bit graphics and is filled with an appropriate soundtrack that will inspire in you nostalgia about
the past, but the young players will join the timeless classics.
Note: 1)the Game is made with Construct2. 2)performance of the HTML5 version of the game was tested on Android 4.1 system, iOs7, PC, in all known browsers 3)in order For the fonts and sounds in the game can be displayed and reproduced in a timely manner update your browser. 4)To export for Android and iOs need a personal license Construct2.
1)Beautiful graphics in the style of 8-bit and authentic soundtrack 2)Fully commented code (+ HTML5 version of the game, the sounds from the game, detailed documentation on how to reskin, replace the sounds and export for mobile platforms, etc) 3)Control using a mouse or fingers 4)Easy export for all platformy


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