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PassHub - online password manager Free Download

PassHub - online password manager Free Download 
Save time and frustration by having access to logins for all the projects your team is working on. PassHub is a modern web app designed to securely store multiple logins in a central location.
Each member can store private logins that only they can see, or add logins to the public categories for anyone on the team to view and edit.
  • Modern material-based design
  • Secure, encrypted login credentials
  • Create accounts for each team member
  • Categorize logins
  • Private logins

Features in detail

  • Responsive Material Design
    Enjoy an attractive and usable interface based on Google’s material design standards. Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and desktop.
  • Secure user passwords
    User accounts created to access PassHub have their passwords securely hashed
  • Secure login storage
    Logins stored inside PassHub have all fields securely encrypted using a unique key
  • User Management
    Create admin (has access to to manage users) or regular users, each with their own private “My Logins” category
  • Categories
    Create categories and assign logins to them
  • Live Search
    Find the right login quickly by keyword, category, or both
  • Copy to clipboard
    On flash-enabled browsers, simply click a field to copy its value to clipboard
  • Multiple field types
    Store any text content in a login by creating fields with either text, textarea, or password field types
  • Well documented code
    Code uses DocBlocks for all classes and methods, and is heavily commented.


  • Built with the Fat Free Framework
  • Object-oriented code
  • Protected against XSS and CSRF attacks
  • Meets PSR-1 Basic Coding Standard and PSR-2 Coding Style Guide to ensure a high level of technical interoperability between shared PHP code.
  • Meets PSR-4 autoloader requirements.

What’s Included

  • Comprehensive written documentation
  • API documentation (generated by PHPDoc)
  • User guide video
  • OOP PassHub application built on the Fat-free Framework
  • 6 months support (or 12 months if you upgrade while checking out)

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