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Sports tourism (CAPX) Free Download

Sports tourism (CAPX) Free Download 
The source is suitable for both novice and experienced users. You can create two full games. With this source code, you will learn: - Create infinitely generated landscape. - Create an endless pattern and the surrounding decor - Create physical tunes in the car with suspension. - Create endless games of type “Flappy birds” - Create the game according to the “Hill Racing” - All graphics in HD format
In addition: -Change The day and night -Change The weather (rain) -Game Bonuses -Change The screen resolution. - Save the game result -Create Your own boot screen
Gameplay: Step 1. “Trophy Tour”. Car driving in different modes, fuel is limited and refueling takes place at a certain distance. Using a winch in difficult situations. 2. “Fusion”. Raft on the river dodging various obstacles. The source code is implemented 4 levels of the game. 3) You can change the schedule and you will be ready to play.


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