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Woocommerce Product Catalog with Category Selecti Free Download

Woocommerce Product Catalog with Category Selecti Free Download 
For years, SoftProdigy has excelled in the domain of WordPress extensions offering fully functional add-ons for WordPress based websites. The add-ons have simplified the way people have been using the websites offering convenience to the end user as well as to the website owner. The add-ons created have catered to all sorts of technical demands that a user expects from a website. For every missing dot, SoftProdigy has created a plug-in as a solution to deliver a greater user experience. Once again SoftProdigy has created a buzz by launching a plugin for WooCommerce, WordPress’ popular ecommerce platform. With over 10 million downloads WooCommerce has already succeeded to become the first choice of ecommerce stores and claims about 30% of the online store shares. It’s thus the popularity of the platform that has fueled the demand for plug-ins in order to enhance a user’s WooCommerce experience.
WooCommerce Product Catalogue is a plugin that offers unparalleled flexibility in switching from WooCommerce shop mode to catalogue mode and vice-versa. The store owner wanted access to the products in a catalogue form, but what was missing from it until now was the category filter. It was thus the need of the hour that SoftProdigy developed the plugin introducing the category filter with which a user can lists the products across a category and can generate a pdf from that catalogue. Rest of the features are listed below.


Show/Hide Price Tag:Settings in the admin section have all the options like ‘Want to show/hide’ price tag for shop and individual product page as well.
Ask a Question/Inquiry by Email:Users can make an enquiry regarding the product.
Contact form 7 support:Support for contact form7 regarding Inquiry by Email form.
Ability to generate PDF for the Catalog:Can generate PDF for all catalog of shop.
Provides a PDF generation short-code:Can be used anywhere i.e. on page, post or widgets.
Customization:Ability to customize PDF Header and footer text from setting page in admin section.
PDF Display Options:Provides settings to enable/display PDF options
Inquiry Customization:Customers can select color, size and quantity after adding products to cart.
Email Id Setting:Provides settings in the admin section to set email id for enquiry email receiver.
Enable/Disable Catalogue Mode:allows to enable/disable catalog mode after a particular product category has been selected Since the plugin allows a store owner to convert their online WooCommerce store into an online catalogue, they can also do away with all shopping related features from their store. What more, the plugin is fully scalable and customizable, and SoftProdigy offers great aftersales supports throughout.

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