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Company Messenger - Chat, Email, Announcement Free Download

Company Messenger - Chat, Email, Announcement Free Download 
CMessenger is a unique MVC application, which provide base & ready to lauch application for the purpose of company communication & file transfer.
Application Features :
1. Departments – You can create multiple departments and can add employees as per their department
2. Chat/Message – Employees can chat individually / can chat with in Department / can chat with others.
3. Email - Employees can email individually / can email with in Department / can email to others.
4. File Transfer – file transfer support is also available in email & chat.
5. Admin can make announcements/ can view who has read/unread.
6. Admin can email for message to depatment(s)/individuals

Technical Features : 
1. MVC 5
2. EntityFramework
3. Code First
4. Responsive Admin Layout
5. With sourcecode

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