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WooCommerce Universal Advanced Global Shipping Free Download

WooCommerce Universal Advanced Global Shipping Free Download 
The most universal advanced combination USPS / UPS WooCommerce Shipping Plugin
With WooCommerce Universal Global Shipping have the ability to finally drop ship the right way. We have built in extensive warehouse features for multiple warehouse. Do you control the sizes of your own boxes? Build your complete product line box sizes.
Don’t use a warehouse or need drop shipping, no problem our system will still calculate your rate. Don’t package your products, ok we will still return rates without any box classes.
With our extensive plugin you have the ability to calculate shipping based on volume, weight to any country. We have built in UPS and USPS into this plug for complete flexibility of shipping options through major carriers. Do you ship in multiple boxes for a single product? You can now have box add-ons on a product level to accommodate multiple boxes per product. We extended free shipping option on a product level with a simple check box and you now have the option to select what carrier and what shipping type will only be free shipping. Some people only like to allow free shipping on USPS priority mail but still receive rates for all the other options. With cart padding you can easily add addition price padding per product, per cart, by weight or by currency. Freight shipping is available and will separate the freight products in the cart and return rates for the products that can call for rates, and the freight product will prompt a message for further steps to fulfill next steps on freight options.
Automatic packaging of boxes. Using advanced product packaging formulas our plugin will package your products for you. When a transaction is made on the bottom of every order we will package products into appropriate boxes maximizing cost savings and filling boxes by volume of products to maximize the best packaging. On each order we will detail what boxes to use and what product to place in each box.
Complete Feature Listing
  • Standard WooCommerce Product Weight
  • Standard Product Dimensions
  • Shipping Class (This is only used for other 3rd party shipping plugins)
  • Select your drop ship vendor which is the Warehouse This Product Will be Shipping Out Of.
  • Box class is only selected if you need this product to ship out of a particular box only. The system will designate this box to this product.
  • Ship in multiple boxes are used if your product contains multiple sets of items that you need to separate the products into for shipping. Proper rates will be returned for all the boxes.
  • Advanced Shipping: This is an override. By default the system will pack this product with other products. When selecting ship in separate package no other products will be merged into the same box. Pack with category will only pack this product with other products in its category. (Please note that there are category shipping options that will override the root level product settings)
  • Calculate Shipping: This essentially is almost a free shipping option but the one major difference is the product will essentially be excluded from any calculations and can increase faster response speeds with shipping API calls. Most people keep it on and just use the free shipping option.
  • Free Shipping: This will do what it says, and mark this item for free shipping.
  • Allow Category settings to override yes or no. When you set category settings you have the option to make sure they don’t override a particular product.
  • Extra Handling Charge will be used if you charge extra for any special Handling
  • Dimension padding is used if you bubble wrap your product and need to pad the overall dimensions.
  • Price padding is used if you need to pad the total cost of your item.
  • Weight padding would be used if you need to secure your product with any material that could increase your weight, or if you need to pad the weight for any additional reasons.
  • Max Quantity per package would be if you need to specify how many products max can be packaged with this item. Some people like a loose packing and some people prefer tight packing methods.
  • Ground Only will state that this product can only be shipped UPS ground with no other UPS methods.
  • Allow USPS: This will return USPS rates for this product as well as UPS.
  • Freight Cost will override all shipping settings and mark this product as a freight only product. There is a global freight message that can be setup in global shipping settings. This message will be displayed at the top of the cart advising how the shopper should proceed. All other non-freight calculations for products will still be calculated.

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