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Cloud DJ Free Download

Cloud DJ Free Download

We believe in making Internet radio as powerful and as easy to use as possible.
Cloud DJ is a web-based, automation and management system for radio over Internet , built with Nodejs and AngularJs.
If you’re looking to start your own Internet radio station, Cloud DJ is a web-based playout fully automated solution, allowing for autonomous remote-control over the online radio station.

Cloud DJ is a Web Player for Icecast streaming media server.

This web app generate an xml file used by Icecast server with write permission only for the owner of the web app. We use a Ezstream application how read this file and start Icecast media server.


This application work only on Ubuntu Servers, with Icecast2 and Ezstream applications installed.


After install this application, you need to restrict write mode to playlist (chmod 644 playlist.xml), otherwise this application does not work.
This application work only on Linux servers. We provide step by step install documentation for Ubuntu servers.
You can listen on using VLC or other application.


With our built in file manager, you no longer need to use complicated ftp software. Simply browse for files on your computer and drag them in the upload zone or use the upload button.
Create playlists and arrange music using drag and drop functionality.
Instantly search your entire media library using our realtime search tool. Search by artist, track and add or remove tracks to a playlist, all with a single click.
The API allows you to view the current song that is playing, and what is coming up next – plus see the songs that were previously played from the list.
You can create multiple accounts, send mails to administrators.


create basic server based on express
manage admin users and store credentials to Mongo DB
create layout using Bootstrap 3.0 and AngularJs
create responsive Dashboard
create System Information Panel
create Quick Email Panel
create Settings Panels for User and Server Configuration
create IceCast Statistics Panel
create Multi-User Player using
add drag and drop functionality to play list
add delete functionality to play list
create File Manager
add file upload functionality
add drag and drop file upload functionality
add filter file functionality to File Manager
add delete file functionality to File Manager

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