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ScriptsRefresher - effective scripts refresh Free Download

ScriptsRefresher - effective scripts refresh Free Download

ScriptsRefresher – php library which will resolve all Your problems with js/css files refreshing in your browser.

No more problems with browser caching, pressing ctrl+f5 and explaining to the customer that he has to refresh his browser after every amendment in the code! No more half-measures like random hash or manual file renaming.

ScriptsRefresher creates unique hash from git commit hash, so after each pull or commit your hash will change. This simplifies team work and ends any problems with browser refreshing. It is also effective because hash will be changed only when the code is modified on git repository.

Important –

ScriptsRefresher works only with Git repository applications. If you don’t use git you should not buy it.

ScriptsRefresher is optimized to work in two modes – production and development. Production ScriptsRefresher mode uses temporary saved hash to increase performance, development ScriptsRefresher gets last git commit and create hash for every application refreshing, so for sure hash will be changed for every pull or commit.

ScriptsRefresher can be used on every php application, no mather what it is: Wordpress, Magento, Drupal or Dedicated Software. It works with all php frameworks and also it can work without any php framework. ScriptsRefresher is simple to use and it only needs one file including in your project.

ScriptsRefresher comes with web manager. Manager is easy to install in every php project, it can work on own domain but also in subdirectory of your project. Manager helps to manage hash on production, it is secured by login form. After login, it remains only click “Refresh Hash” and new hash will be generated, saved to file and production project will use it at once after that.

What if you use GIT but your production server does not support GIT? This is not a problem, ScriptsRefresher is flexible and hash can be generated in local machine and it will be sent to production.

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