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webpackages Framework Free Download

webpackages Framework Free Download 
The PHP webpackages Framework You can easily create their web projects. The webpackages Framework facilitates any type of web project, thus ensuring a targeted development and clean implementation of their web project. The PHP Framework operates to achieve on the latest PHP technology to thus fast loading times. A Sophisticated documentation helps to understand the PHP framework quickly and to make the handling as simple as possible.
Helper classes
Using auxiliary classes are easy to fix many problems with existing systems and implement faster.
Plugin system
With the integrated system plugins new extensions can be integrated easily and without a lot of knowledge in your web project. Hits on the framework thus enabling even significantly improving the implementation of a plugin.
The model is the only layer in the application will be able to read data and to schreiben.Wo are the data, knows only the model. All other layers do not have to worry about data storage itself. You call only methods that provide them with the data, or save the data.
The / The View gets the data it should display, provided by the controller. View and Model never have a connection with each other. In web development, there are, for example, HTML views that display a normal website or PDF views that display the data in the form of a PDF.
The actual logic of the application is in the controller. Recovering the data from the model, processes it, and passes it to the output to the View. In general, the controller does not know where the data comes exactly, nor how they are spent.
High security
With the auxiliary class security you can easily all known threats and attacks resist which can be exercised with PHP. With webpackages you can validate any kind of input and removed malicious code through years of proven methods.
You want to create a multilingual Web project? No problem, webpackages helps you through its built-in translation class.

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